Stories, rants, and other stuff.

Mostly fueled by late nights, regret, irritation, boredom, and dextroamphetamine. Like the rest of the site.

I actually wrote a story tonight about my skiddie stupidity in high school, but decided that it was a little too personal and blog-ish, so I deleted it. sry guise.

However, recent changes to my workflow and server configuration mean that I'll be updating more frequently. Stay tuned.

Webdev is for faggots. If you look at the page source, the whitespace is wonky as fuck. No, I do not care. It's not something I intend to become good at.

There are a bunch of cyberpunk-related images and shit here. Please download sparingly, I don't have tons of bandwidth.

Look at this other really cool and not suspicious link to a bunch of other random Cyberpunk shit, isn't it cool? It's cool, right? Isn't it?

Mega isn't very cyberpunk but Neocities doesn't let you upload huge archive files.