- - - [ Update log ]- - -


Updated the Phone section on the front page.


Added Neon Dystopia and Secure Linux Server Guide to the front page.

Cleaned up some 8chan/8kun links again. Anon.cafe seems to be dead or at least very finicky.

Fixed some of the formatting on the HTML files, couldn't take the uneven whitespace anymore.


Added cryptoanarchy.wiki to the front page.

Updated the 8kun link, but the bunker link is available too just in case. No matter what site you go on, /cyber/ will always be in your kokoro.


Added update log page (finally)!

Longer lists will now be hidden unless you click the OPEN button.

Cleaned up the Music page and combined the old writeups together.

Updated links and added new entries on the Games page.

Can't really remember what I added before the update log, I know I changed some of the front page links and organized that though.