`A year here and he still dreamed of cyberspace, hope fading nightly. All the speed he took, all the turns he'd taken and the corners he cut in Night City, and he'd still see the matrix in his dreams, bright lattices of logic unfolding across that colourless void... The Sprawl was a long, strange way home now over the Pacific, and he was no Console Man, no cyberspace cowboy. Just another hustler, trying to make it through. But the dreams came on in the Japanese night like livewire voodoo, and he'd cry for it, cry in his sleep, and wake alone in the dark, curled in his capsule in some coffin hotel, hands clawed into the bedslab, temper foam bunched between his fingers, trying to reach the console that wasn't there.'

Stop by ∞kun's /cyber/, the schwayest place in cyberspace.

Lainchan is actually dead now, mostly. Arisuchan was sorta the replacement, but it's also got all the same problems, just without Kalyx to make it lulzy. The admin unironically lists it on her irl Linkedin.
Disregard that statement, Arisuchan got bombed with CP and the admins gave up. Don't go unless you want to be v&

Here's the April Fools page for 2016. Kalyx didn't like it ;_;

- - - [ Cyberpunk-related forums & imageboards ] - - -

Cyberpunk forum
A continuation of the Cyberpunk Review forums. Quality of content varies.

Cyberpunk board on 8kun
Our home sweet home. RIP in piss, halfchan.

8chan /cyber/ bunker
If 8kun dies or if you just hate 8kun post here.

Textboard inspired by the game VA-11 Hall-A. Has a dedicated RP board if you're into that.

Another imageboard with focus on Cyberpunk culture and Lainism.

Spanish speaking cyberpunk board. No hablas español, so I don't know how quality this place is.

Demoscene message board

- - - [ Cyberpunk entertainment ] - - -

For actual recommendations, check the links in the header.

Neo-80s/cyberpunk themed internet radio from Spry. May be dead Alive and well!

Lainchan Radio
Appleman1234 may be braindamaged but at least there's sick tunes.

You Are Listening To: Los Angeles
LA police scanner, overlaid with random ambient electronic music. Incredibly chill. There are a few others with different cities.

Nightwave Plaza
Vaporwave music radio. Get your auditory dosage of faux nostalgia here.

Another vaporwave radio and video stream with a interactive UI. Experience peak aesthetics.

KeyGen Music
I remember listening to Darude Sandstorm and trying to install Photoshop for free as a kid, but I also installed 23049 viruses in the process of doing so. But thankfully you won't have to relive that experience to listen to some music.

- - - [ Cyberpunk blogs & news ] - - -

Cyberpunk Review
Excellent resource that publishes reviews of cyberpunk-related games, anime, movies, and other media.

Bite-sized technology news and interesting inventions.

Neon Dystopia
Cyberpunk blog with movies, books and music reviews as well as some thought pieces.

Blog about hackers and the things they make. Normalfags call them makers, though.

Krebs on Security
Some guy who does writeups on Computer Security. His section on ATM skimmers is extremely useful, not many people know about them.

Articles about current mainstream Linux updates and benchmarking.

- - - [ Cyberpunk-related wikis, other infodumps ] - - -

Remember, we're living in a cyberpunk reality, just a slightly less glitzy one than Gibson envisioned.
These are to help you out in this brave new world.

- - - [ Technology ] - - -

The Gentooman's Library
The official Gentooman's Library. A truly massive collection of books, covering everything from basic HTML to artificial intelligence. Availability varies, so here is a magnet link.

Magnet link for the Do/k/ument
A massive torrent of stuff related to guns and shit, courtesy of /k/. There is no reason in the modern world to not be prepared to defend yourself. I'm not responsible for what you do with this information, and there's better stuff out there for people who are new to firearms, but this is a good resource. It's not being fully seeded, but the only thing missing is some shitty magpul videos.

(GNU/)Linux for Beginners
You can't let the man get you down, man. Use a freedom-respecting OS. This should help with the basics.

More (GNU/)Linux for Beginners
Someone in IRC said this is very comprehensive, and it looks pretty good, so enjoy. Probably better than the link above, since I just looked up "linux for beginners" and copied the first relevant link

Linux Workstation Security Checklist
Exactly what it says it is. If you want a much more secure Linux setup, this is worth checking out. Don't stress if you can't set everything up perfectly, it's better than using Windows 10.

Someone please bring my baby boy Symb0l back home from the mountains.

Home Server Software List
A short list of software to use when self hosting a server. Will try and find a good guide for how to self host soon.

Secure A Linux Server
Another guide for securing a Linux computer, aimed for servers. If you're going to self host anything, this is essential.

Router Security
Not all routers are created equal. Make sure your router is always safe and secure.

Great site about things you can do to stop government surveillance and how to have your devices respect your freedom.

Privacy Guides
Directory and lists of privacy-friendly services and tools.

No More Google
Another short and sweet list of different programs/sites you can use to avoid the megacorp stalking your every move.

The Paranoid's Bible: An anti-dox effort.
>inb4 Tumblr
Fear not, for this is actually useful. Check out the Library links for guides on how to remove your information to prevent being doxxed, and to do damage control if it does happen. Ignore the baby babble bullshit on the home page.

/sec/ resources and links
A compliation of various guides, articles, etc that's more /sec/ focused. Things like pentesting and finding exploits.

- - - [ Phone ] - - -

Let your phone be a tool for you, not a tool for the NSA.

Instead of using flagship Android or Apple phones, consider buying a Pinephone or a Librem 5. Both come with killswitches for Wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS.
Use a freedom-respecting ROM like Replicant.
postmarketOS is another option that respects your freedoms.
LineageOS is the most widely known custom ROM for your phone. The successor to Cyanogenmod.
GrapheneOS is a security focused ROM for Pixel phones.
Never use Gapps or Google Play! Use Fdroid instead.
OpenStreetMaps, a freedom-respecting alternative to Google Maps
The android app for OpenStreetMaps
Use the EdXposed framework, Magisk and modules to help protect your privacy as well as secure Android ROMs.
Spoof your MAC address for increased privacy

And if you're really paranoid, keep your phone in a faraday cage. Or throw it in a lake. Your call.

- - - [ Culture & lifestyle ] - - -

Try hard not to be a tryhard.

Project Cyberpunk
A fantastic resource for everything from plaintext of Gibson's stories to the history of cyberpunk.

The Well-Cultured Anonymous
From back before anything to do with "anonymous" was associated with edgy 14-year-olds wearing Guy Fawkes masks. A guide to help /b/tards improve themselves (i.e. not be fat permavirgin neckbeards). Still relevant to you, you NEET fuck.

Cyberpunk Slang
All the schway terms you might come across

Beyond Cyberpunk!
This site is pretty schway, some neat info here.

Find hacker/makerspaces near you, or start your own local one. Power in numbers, I think?

Steal This Wiki
It's Steal This Book but online! More punk than cyber.

Becoming a Sysadmin
Are you a cynical fuck that hates people? Do you have no qualms about working for The Man, knowing that being a cyberpunk won't fill a retirement fund? Do you want to get paid for doing shit that you probably do anyway? Would you forgo the soft caress of a woman in favor of the cold metal of server racks and the humming of fans? A position as a Sysadmin (or Systems Administrator) might be just the thing for you!

Dumpster diving how-to
A /g/uide to dumpster diving for fun, profit, and free electronics, written by yours truly.

- - - [ BBSes ] - - -

Because normal internet is too mainstream. Telnet into:

- - - [ XMPP & Matrix. ] - - -

Modern chat programs profit off of your shitpost DMs. Ditch them and use secure solutions instead.

Read about XMPP and Matrix, and a comparison of the two programs/protocols.

- - - [ Miscellaneous links ] - - -

Public-access UNIX system
Lots and lots of text files
Proxy for Gopher resources
Proxy for Gemini resources
Streaming demoscene music
ANSI art archive
Documentary about Cyberpunk films and literature
ICANN alternative that respects your freedoms
Fauux's Serial Experiments Lain tribute Lain is mai waifu though, so don't get any ideas
Privacy focused blog that has articles in different languages
Online Spyware Classification Project
List of various /cyb/+/sec/ RSS feeds

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